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When it comes to profiles the picture is often the first and worst offender. See this picture of Vladimir Putin right.

It's a good way to kick off our discussion of what makes a bad dating photo. Hint of things below the waistline? I'm not going to be around much from today. See you when I see you. It had been building for weeks.

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So there I was, dumped, by text, on a Friday afternoon. Jon is relating a tale to me of how one relationship went sour. And it's a scenario we're all likely to be familiar with. The shock and pain, or sometimes the relief and closure, of being dumped.

There are many ways for a relationship to end. Some come to a full-stop ove Seeing the "traditionalist" arguments contorted, twisted, convoluted being swept aside by simple common sense and logic, was a miracle of political efficacy.

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Of course the passage of the Same Sex Marriage Bill does not legalise equal marriage, but it shows the will of parliament and the will of the people. Well done to everybody involved especially the Coalition for Equal Marriage and other campaigns, the Conservative MPs who support You've got the date. You've got the place. You've got the guy. Now get real! Quick post.

Was considering blogging about the new marriage laws in Scotland yay! But instead today I'm just gonna say WAHEY to the opening of the Olympics, our success in the women's cycling and swimming and what a fab atmosphere the event is creating in London and throughout the country.

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These words, spoken by my then heartthrob man, struck terror into my heart. I knew then - on some level - that our relationship was doomed. Coming as it did, after 9 months of intense dating, and many hints of moving in together being dropped by me , I could tell that the relationship was not going to move smoothly onto the next phase.

For me that meant moving in, and becoming an established couple.

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Why was the ever-increasing c Just wanted to share some thoughts on inter-generational dating. It seems to be something that many of my contemporaries are into. And let's be clear - it's perfectly normal to be attracted to a much older guy - it doesn't mean you have unresolved dad issues or anything. But sometimes it can lead to pitfalls. So I've done a very unscientific survey of some fellas, and here's what I found. Age difference makes a difference.

They might say "age ain't nothing but a number", but If you were living in America today, who would you vote for in the Presidential elections? Make no mistake, what happens in this election will affect you, me and the whole LGBT community.

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American had better get this right. In the UK our three-party system has many drawbacks. One illustration of this is how young people are turned off party politics entirely. Party membership is down across the board, and attendance at party conferences dwindling. Instead of allying themselves to political parties, new voters The coalition realises that a rights imbalance of this magnitude cannot last long in modern society. Coalition tories have surprised many by their vocal support for the issue, from the Prime Minister down, with few exceptions. But in recent weeks it looked like we had been back-burnered as other events took over the policital establishment, and momentum looked lost.

The recent cabinet reshuffle was of concern.

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Then you can start meeting and chatting with singles near you. All of this is free to do. We Love Dates also offers gay dating tips on its Gay Dating page, so you can refer to the experts before making a move. The site has hundreds of thousands of members, with 23, new members joining every week.

The site uses a one-of-a-kind personality test to find you the best matches, and clearly it works. Paul and Greg are one of the many success stories. You have worked magic in only four dates and in only two weeks of being a member. That is pretty amazing. We expect the gay population in the United Kingdom is only going to continue to grow, but until then, these dating sites are awesome resources for those who are single and looking.

As the editor-in-chief of DatingAdvice.

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