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Grindr says Localytics and Apptimize were paid to test and monitor how the app is used. The company says the firms are under "strict contractual terms that provide for the highest level of confidentiality, data security and user privacy. The dating app is facing a data privacy complaint in Europe, with the Norwegian Consumer Council claiming the company has violated both European and Norwegian data privacy laws. In our opinion, Grindr fails to do so," said Finn Myrstad, director of digital services in the Norwegian Consumer Council , in a statement.

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Grindr security chief Bryce Case told news site Axios that the company has stopped sharing the HIV status of its users with third-party companies. In a statement, Case confirmed his comments.

Grindr says it's important to remember it is a public forum and users have the option to post information about their HIV status and date when last tested. It says its users should carefully consider what information they list in their profiles. Still, Case defended the data sharing, arguing in the statement that it "is standard industry practice for rolling out and debugging software.

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He added, "As Grindr is an application that works to serve the LGBTQ community, it's important that we test out new features like HIV Testing Reminders to ensure these features are being utilized appropriately and not creating bugs. Shot multiple times in front of her home and in front of her teenage son, the inspiring story of a woman who overcame incredible odds to survive and is now on a mission to stop future attacks on judges.

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Grindr shared information about users' HIV status with third parties

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Grindr smartphone app could be a good way to recruit gay men to HIV prevention studies

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Grindr defends sharing user HIV status with other companies

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Don Dahler reports. Jump to navigation. The gay dating app Grindr, which claims to have more than 3 million daily users, now offers a feature for users to receive reminders to get HIV tested every 3—6 months. The reminders debuted late last month and are accompanied by recommendations for the nearest test clinic for users who opt-in to receive the reminders.

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Thomas Mayer, a supply chain management sophomore, said he has been using Grindr for a few years. Mayer said he thinks the reminders are a good idea because of how the app inherently encourages casual sex and plans to use them. Overall, the rate of new annual HIV infections in the U.

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However, among gay and bisexual men, the number of annual new infections remained stable at about 26, per year from —