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Gay America, rather than being confined to a few places, spreads across every major region of the country. Nationwide, Gallup says, 3. And even the parts of the country outside the 50 biggest metropolitan areas have a gay population about 3 percent not so different from some big metropolitan areas. Frank Newport, the editor in chief of Gallup, notes that the regional variation in sexual orientation and identity is much smaller than the variation in many other categories.

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The regional gaps in political attitudes, religion and ethnic makeup are often much wider. Historical Society in San Francisco.

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Many stayed in the city, which already had a reputation as a welcoming place for refugees and free spirits. Other gay people, in search of a safe place, followed. San Francisco became a hub for L. Though San Francisco has less of a pull, as other parts of the country have become less hostile, the city is still a destination, including for transgender people.

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Oregon exemplifies the political division on gay civil rights. The state and local governments have proposed or passed a striking number of anti-gay measures, yet the share of L. Part of the reason is that L. Still, Jeana Frazzini, executive director of Basic Rights Oregon, says Portland has work to do before it can feel like a haven for many transgender people and gay people of color.

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In addition to having a larger gay population, places like Portland may also have a larger share of their gay population who publicly identify as such. But university campuses — and the spillover neighborhoods from them, where college graduates congregate — have long been more accepting. Austin, home of the University of Texas, joins New Orleans as the only Southern city to be so high on the list. Besides education, a few other factors correlate with having bigger gay populations.

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Metro areas with a greater share of gay and lesbian residents tend to lean Democratic. They have more adults under the age of 45 and larger Latino and Asian-American populations. On the flip side, they have smaller African-American populations on average and fewer children.

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But the usual warning applies: No city celebrates Dr. The citywide march honoring Dr.

King also always features an LGBT speaker. Human Rights Campaign Dinner April Raising well over a quarter-million dollars a year for the Human Rights Campaign, the Atlanta HRC dinner is a standard-bearer throughout the nation. The annual black-tie affair features the leading activists and entertainers advancing LGBT rights and honors local LGBT leaders and allies for their work to make Georgia more accepting.


What began as informal house parties has grown into the largest Black Gay Pride celebration in the world. The masses of black LGBT people who gather in Atlanta each Labor Day weekend is incomparable, as are the mind-blowing parties and community-empowerment seminars. Atlanta's reputation as a black gay mecca is magnified during the first weekend of September, especially when thousands gather in Piedmont Park on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

The most entertaining and provocative selections in LGBT cinema are showcased during the "Out on Film" festival each fall.

In 1980s Miami, the triple crisis of growing up black, gay and poor

A lot of people have an attitude about apps. The stigmas attached stuck with me. This is British bullshit.

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The men I have dated are men I have approached. I know how to have a conversation and I know how to walk up to someone. Why should I feel about guilty about it?


This question is something I had to finally confront. And as someone who was raised to keep everything private, public acknowledgement of such behavior sometimes feels more of a burden than it needs to. I always find it very dubious and I don't really trust people who deny human instincts. I know from experience that if I want to have sex, I can. Without even the slightest hint of shame. The A. Filed to: Share This Story.