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The fact is when you are in prison, you experience a series of physiological and psychological things that are transformative. At least for the short term. According to data published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics , there are an estimated 1. Of that number, the vast majority of inmates are persons who identify as men. That's a LOT of men locked up. I could go on forever and a day about incarceration rates, demographics, average length of stay and all the rest.

Instead, you probably want to know what gay for the stay means and why some guys do it. One of the major reasons a man will turn to same sex behaviors in prison is because of a deep hunger for touch. This is a psychological phenomenon that has been well researched. It turns out that in the absence of touch, people are susceptible to depression.

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To cope, men in prison often pat each other on the back and gently rub each other's necks — and sometimes hug — just to have human contact. After months or even years of being in a jail-cell, some guys need more — something more tangible. In these instances, consensually , such men will seek out physical relations with other men to satisfy sexual needs. To a lesser or greater degree, some incarcerated men will engage in romantic relations with another guy because they desperately miss having an intimate, emotional connection. In prison, finding anyone who gives a crap about your life is rare.

The truth is, the longer a man is jailed, the more likely he is to have unmet emotional needs. The loneliness in prison can be overwhelming.

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This is a term used to describe masturbation. In medium-security prisons, where guys live in small dormitories, the last toilet stall is commonly reserved for JO. And sometimes — depending upon the incarcerated individual, a man will choose to engage in onanism in full view of others.

If two cells are facing across from one another, it is not uncommon for joint onanism to take place. I saw it many times with my own two eyes. But in prison, you never, ever snitch about such things. Instead, you learn to keep your mouth shut. I believe in family, loyalty and honesty above all else.

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I love to laugh and have fun. But also be a gentleman and serious.

I love music, all types. I love to read and draw. I love to exercise. Someone to share goals, dreams and thoughts with. Until then, stay safe! Write soon.

Why do some women fall in love with male prisoners?

Justin Williams Birth Date: July 1, Incarcerated Since: Computer fraud Home Town: Nashville, TN Ethnicity: Nondenominational Height: It should have been a federal crime, but the feds said no due to lack of evidence. So the state picked up charges and here we are. As a condition of my sentence, I was able to keep possession of the money. I am not seeking financial support from anyone. All I want is someone to be my rock, my support system. I still have my job as a network operations engineer with Verizon Wireless.

I believe I deserve to be loved and cared for… So, come on, give me a chance?!? Trampest Helton Birth Date: February 8, Incarcerated Since: Murder Home Town: Amarillo, TX Ethnicity: White Religion: I woke up this morning thinking: Let me introduce myself okay? Sincerely written, Trampest. Raneem Martinez-Hourani Birth Date: April 29, Incarcerated Since: August Release Date: May Convicted Of: Conspiracy to sell meth Home Town: Austin, TX Ethnicity: Middle Eastern Religion: Christian Height: Some of my hobbies include reading, being outdoors, watching TV and I love to laugh.

I love a good sense of humor.

I am working on improving myself while in here by taking any programs and classes that are offered. I am not going to let my past define who I am. September 24, Incarcerated Since: Conspiracy to distribute controlled substance Home Town: Hello Everyone! My name is Devin and I am 25 years old I am very energetic and full of humor, animation and life. I would say that I am s Please save me from this boring existence and breathe some life back into me!

A decade in prison has drained me but the end of this sentence is the b Thanks for taking the time and viewing my profile. My name is Mike Sparks and my curiosity is getting the best of me. Hi my name is dan, I'm looking for friendships to explore and maybe something more. There aren't many way to break up the harsh monoton What up. Write me!

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